The Juicy Lab is a consens-based event. We want to sensitise people to the fact that consensus is complex and involves more than just (not) agreeing to an interaction. Some things can only be discovered through trial and error. It is a constant process of getting to know each other, feeling things out and exploring new boundaries. The first day will deal specifically with consensus for the entire group in order to create a common basis of understanding and communication for the event. Among other things, the RBDSM discussion guide and other tools will be taught at the event to make it easier to act in accordance with personal, situational, interpersonal and already agreed relationship boundaries. Among other things, we will also address the topic of power and privilege in order to incorporate this into taking responsibility for interaction.


There will be awareness structures at the Juicy Lab to support you in emotional activation, experiencing discrimination and conflict resolution. The awareness team will consist of qualified people.

(Social) sustainability

By this we mean the attempt to make the Juicy Lab (socially) sustainable in all possible ways and as far as we are aware. We want to use our privilege of being able to open this space to create together and work towards a fairer world.  

Because: “Nobody’s free until everybody’s free” Fannie Lou Hamer (American civil rights activist 1917-1977)

STI test

Please be responsible with your bodily fluids and those of other people. Inform yourself about STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) and get tested before the event. (Note that some STIs can only be detected a few weeks or up to 3 months after unprotected sexual intercourse).

We are NOT writing this because we want to simplify unprotected sex between tested people at the Lab! We want to reduce risks and take responsibility and clearly recommend safer sexual interactions in the context of the Juicy Lab. This includes getting tested beforehand and being transparent about existing restrictions.

You can find a relatively inexpensive and trustworthy way to get STI tests online, for example here: or at your local health department.

Intoxication and drugs

Intimacy and physical contact stimulate our oxytocin levels, as well as the release of various other hormones. This alone makes us more likely to enter a state of consciousness at such an event that differs from our everyday lives: more open, more sensitive, more sociable.

You don’t need intoxicants/drugs to experience or enable anything in particular on site. If drug use is essential and important to you in the context of such events, the Juicy Lab is not the right place for you. It is also more difficult to maintain boundaries.


That’s why the Juicy Lab is basically a sober event.

There is one exception:

If a certain substance (such as nicotine, caffeine, CBD, THC, etc.) or medication is part of your bio-chemical baseline in everyday life, then you do not need to break it at Juicy Lab and start a detox there. In any case, please do not consume more than usual on site!


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