Exploring layers of intimacy

Wednesday, 28.08.2024 - Sunday, 01.09.2024

Juicy Lab is a queerfeminist contact, body, and art-positive lab.

Juicy – as a living, flowing, perceptive being.

Sensing the beauty – the juicyness – of life and being in the body

Tender, somatic, diverse.

Attention please: The Juicy Lab is also a “sex-positive” festival. We understand this to mean allowing our otherwise often excluded sexual existence to be included and celebrating all forms of consensual sexuality as well as all body shapes, characteristics and preferences. We want to place the DIVERSITY of contact and intimacy at the centre and allow sexuality to take its own momentary place and expression. There will be programme points within recognisable frameworks for possible sexual interaction within the group or with oneself. Nudity and sexuality are invited on a voluntary basis, never as a “must”. It is neither guaranteed nor required that participants engage in sexual activity.

How do I experience my body somatically and therefore sensually? What does my perception allow me to do? What allows my breath to become free? How can I perceive the world from my body, from the inside out?
What do I need in order to feel safe and become perceptible to myself? When and how do I want to explore, show myself, be diverse and big? How can I radically prioritise my intuition and self-care?
What does caring, nurturing contact with myself and others feel like? What do tenderness and sensuality mean to me? How do I experience my heart space, what is the connection to the rest of my experience? Where do I soften when I allow myself?
How are my experiences and social norms shaped by structural power relations? Where do I experience privilege, where disadvantage? What does this have to do with responsibility?
How do I deal with it when I come up close to a boundary, when it has already been crossed or when I preventively stay far away from it but actually want more? How does consensuality work in many more contexts than physical contact?
When do I experience myself as a sexual being? How do I relate to my body and my desires? How much do I allow my flow, my creative power, my will? What is lust anyway and who or what is it aimed at?
When I think of relationships, do I only think of my romantic partners? Who else do I have relationships with and how? How can I align relationships with my needs? How can I deconstruct social relationship norms? How can I live intimacy in a variety of ways and combine this with relationship networks and boundaries?
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Here & Now: Would you like to not only read this invitation on a screen, but also perceive yourself as a sensual being? Your feet, your belly, your breathing, perhaps listening to your body with fascination for a moment – what does this invitation evoke in you?

An invitation to research

The Juicy Lab 2024 focuses on intimacy.

This year, we will explore, discover, create, reflect and criticise what intimacy (does not) mean to us. Layer by layer.


The self-determined expression of physical, emotional and mental intimacy is a central basic human need. Physical intimacy can include touch and sexual activity. Emotional intimacy refers to the sharing of feelings and experiences. Mental intimacy addresses mutual support and encouragement. In the (patriarchal) power system, intimate (self-) expression is discriminated and tabooed. Violence and border crossings occur on a daily basis and power and discrimination relationships also have an effect on intimate contact. One consequence is alienation from one’s own body and emotions. This culture individualises, both in the way we view problems and in the search for solutions.


From touch to pain, hold and emotional flow, witnessing and strengthening ourselves, enjoying each other in community.

We want to explore what intimacy means for us individually and collectively.

Do you also want to reclaim intimacy, beauty and creativity as a superpower in a capitalist – patriarchal society?

We believe in a necessary cultural revolution in which our body (perception) is an essential source of transformation, activism and social justice.

This requires courage. Courage to fail, to question, to be uncomfortable. We no longer want to preserve assumed safety and simplicity at the expense of suppressing our liveliness, of white-cis-binary-hetero-mono-normative, anti-body ideas and concepts. We also believe that no one is NOT suffering from the resulting separation. Patriarchal, (post)colonial, capitalist power structures have a concrete, tangible impact on our bodies, language, relationships, our living expression and possibilities for action.

What else do we need? Slowness, rest and relaxation are also superpowers!

A need that is unfortunately all too often neglected in our society and difficult to perceive at such events, but which is nevertheless very dazzling and intimate on the inside:


the joy of being/staying with yourself


As an antithesis to FOMO comes JOMO – Joy of Missing out, which was also part of our motto last year. It was really touching to see how many people were inspired and enriched by it.

Why is this important especially in such spaces? Because we believe that the most beautiful and valuable experiences arise from relaxation and without pressure and in contact with oneself. (see also programme)

Life is beautiful! You are beautiful - with your flaws. With your pimples, your manipulation. Your needs, your exhaustion. No matter what you look like, where you come from or what you are doing. The structures and demands mentioned above distort our perception of ourselves, of other people and of life. Have you ever felt that life seems too much? A single struggle etc.? And yes, life is hard too. And that is exactly why we want to remember that life can be a pleasurable experience.
LUST for complexity, confusion and conflict - that's queer! As a refusal to take on a fixed form (Jagose). Queereing creates dynamic relationships to the norm. Can we desire ambiguity?
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Feel it? Then Juicy-Lab is the right place for you!

Share it & Spread it (and before, get tested)

In order to generate a trusting and at the same time free container, our experience shows that invitations via friends’ networks work well. It is therefore encouraged to forward the invitation to people you know, like and who could be interested in such exploration. At the same time, check in with each other about what you need to be at the event together (see Community).

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Juicy Greetings

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