We will be around 120 people including the team.

Your contribution to this event is

1) the Juicy Ticket for the 5 days 404 – 304€. (Sliding scale depending on income and possibilities, see ** ) This includes all costs for the location, camping, pay for the organisational work of the core team, compensation for expenses of facilitators and the extended team, material and operating costs of the company through which we run the event.


There are 21 beds in 1-5 bed rooms. For this comfort we ask you to register (first comes), fill out the appropriate form and bring 10-15€ per night in CASH upon confirmation.

2) the food ticket of 145€ for 5 days vegan full board, which you pay in CASH directly on site to our cook.



There will be about 20 helper tickets, which can be purchased at a significantly reduced price in return for support on site. These are intended for people who would otherwise not be able to afford to take part, or would find it difficult to do so.

If this is also a financial obstacle, please contact us for a solidarity ticket*.

*You can apply for both a helper ticket and a solidarity ticket in the registration form. You can voluntarily disclose your position in order to prioritise your access to a ticket, e.g. on the basis of (multiple) discrimination through racism, (cis-)sexism, anti-Semitism, ableism, lookism, classism, single parenthood and low income.


**For the latter, please consider what access you have to income and wealth and how easily you could get more income by your own choice compared to other people in Germany and the world.


We will also redistribute and donate part of the income.


If, for whatever reason, you are unable to take part in the Juicy Lab, we will try to pass on your place to people on the waiting list. If your place is able to be filled, we will keep a cancellation fee of 50,-EUR and refund the remaining amount. If it is no longer possible to fill your place, we will retain the full amount. Latest cancellation 14 days in advance, after that we won’t be able to refund. Please understand the work that takes in the middle of an build up.

Date & Location

Wednesday 28.08.2024 – Sunday 01.09.2024 near Berlin


Our event location:

The FARM is a picturesque, historic 4-sided farm in the south of Berlin (easily accessible by S-Bahn) with a large garden, a huge culture barn, various converted, atmospheric seminar rooms and a sauna with chill-out space and cosy rooms.

We also have an outdoor kitchen where we cater for our physical well-being.

There are several van parking spaces, ample parking facilities and a large garden that can be used as a chill-out and camping area. If you prefer to spend the night inside, there are shared rooms of various sizes (single/double, dorm, dormitory) to sleep in.

If you want, you can also enjoy being naked outside on the site, which is well screened off and we are the only group there. The neighbouring forest area is beautiful and invites you to take a walk and relax in nature.


The owners/community of the location live there themselves. We will remain in local consultation about what is needed for the community and neighbourhood.


The site is not wheelchair accessible – workshop rooms and indoor accommodation are only accessible via stairs.

The event will be held in English & German spoken language.

The event is not family friendly, children and pets must stay at home.



If you would like to take part in the Juicy Lab, you can register here using this >form<.

If your registration is accepted, you will receive an email with a payment request for your Juicy ticket (1).


If there are any discrepancies in the registration process that lead us to believe that a person does not fulfil our values and guidelines, we reserve the right not to admit this person to the event. To check this, we will ideally contact you personally in advance.


Also: Co-Kreation

Due to the massive organisational and communication work, we have changed our structures somewhat. For everyone who was already there in 2023 – thank you for this experiment with 120 people living as a co-creative organism!


This year there will be a smaller team of helpers, still a large crew of content-giving people and the majority of tickets will be sold as participant tickets.

If you would like to get involved as a helper and come to Juicy Lab at a reduced price, please write this in your registration in the contact form with information about the areas in which you could imagine helping out. Please note that structurally and/or intersectionally marginalised people will be given preference in the allocation of helper tickets. You can also voluntarily state your reasons in the form.


The project continues to thrive on the participation and commitment of the community, the participants and the people holding the space (facilitators, musicians, artists). We are applying for funding for Juicy Transformation this year. At the end of June, we will know whether we have the funds available to support the people involved in the project with volunteer money and to make significantly more paid participation possible. If we receive the funding, this will also be reflected in the ticket prices.

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